What’s the Kubikos Compare?

The Kubikos Compare (KC) is a regression testing tool for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes to facilitate the implementation of changes during development and productive use by offering a variety of options to set up queries and comparing results. Kubikos Compare comes with a powerful query generation wizard and a highly configurable compare engine. The tool compares a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cube, on which changes were made, with a referenced or validated cube or previously saved query results and detect deviations in the structure or the measures of this cube. With the KC you can generate a QuerySet, which will be used for the comparison of two cubes. Each query in the QuerySet will be fired on each cube. After this the results for each query will be displayed in an overview and deviations will be marked. Kubikos Compare allows to reduce testing or validation efforts hugely.

Generating QuerySets

A QuerySet is a list of queries used to compare measures of one cube with measures of another cube.

Query Compare

The Query Compare addresses the resulting values for aggregated measures in reports and therefore the aggregation process.

Kubikos Compare Result

Queries are categorized based on the individual results and deviations are marked to support the interpretation of information gathered.


Query generation

  • Exclude measures.
  • Exclude dimensions, hierarchies or levels from dimensions and hierarchies.
  • Specify if queries are being generated based on member names or member keys.
  • Specify the measure dimension in case the measured are displayed in a custom dimension.
  • Allow a percentage deviation for successful compares.

Query Compare

  • Specify if empty and zero values should be treated equally.
  • Specify if the execution should be stopped in case the number of queries with deviations exceeds a certain value
  • Stop the query execution manually and resume it at any time.
  • Rerun failed queries.
  • Compare Analysis Services Cubes or saved query results from the same QuerySet in any combination.
  • Scheduled execution of query compares.

Query result:

  • Overview on successful, failed and not executed queries.
  • Failed queries are assigned one of the four categories:
    • Failed member: A member is missing in one of the two sources
    • Failed dimension: A dimension is missing in one to the two sources.
    • Failed result: Two values are not equal or have a bigger deviation than allowed.
    • Failed connection error: One of the data sources was not responding in a timely fashion.
  • Print the results to a pdf file to distribute the results if recipients do not have access to the application.

Supported Microsoft® SQL Server versions

  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2016
  • SQL Server 2017